I am a girl with a boy's name. My second name is Louie which happens to be a boy's name. But my friends call me Maui and I'm used to it. I love butterflies and I portray myself as one. I am delicate but strong-willed, free and able to handle difficulties like what a butterfly undergoes during the painful stages of metamorphosis. 

I am a confessed bookworm. I started reading Archie Comics when I was in grade school. Nancy Drew, Harry Potter and other teen-related books during my teen years. I've finished and had a collection of HP books and Twilight series. My recent reading (and still collecting) is Nicholas Sparks' novel. I also love reading blogs and online articles that tickle my fancy. They eat most of my time and I am not complaining.

I've never been the girl who has her diary but I started to love writing when I was in third year high school because of my creative writing class. We've been doing Journal writing and I've become obsessed with it. Thanks to my teacher who influenced me and my mother who supported me. My mind never runs out of things to surmise, imagine and discover. I stutter during public speaking thus scribbling the products of my cerebrum has been my fascination.

I was never good at sports and I hate my PE Class. If I had the opportunity to ditch that class, I would! I always had trouble with my hand and body coordination. I guess you can never have all. What I lack in physical activities, my mind makes up for writing articles. I was also having trouble with drawing. Stick figures are the only ones that my hand could draw. But, of course my mind makes up to it again. I am good at making scrapbooks and designs.

This blog serves as my outlet. It helps a person to dissect the things that run inside my head.  From my first time activities and adventures to my bucket list to anything and everything that popped inside my mind. (Pardon for my not so good blog designs and my missed grammatical mistakes) I always giggled when thoughts randomly pop in my mind. I started making my own blog when I read Bianca Gonzales and Saab Magalona's blogs. 

I am 24 years old and these are the random facts about me that people may or may not know:
  1. I love making scrapbooks. I have my college scrapbook and my next project will be my high school scrapbook. I also do scrapbook for the people dear to me, it serves as my gift on their birthdays.
  2. I don't eat sinigang na baboy. I think, Filipinos love sinigang but I'm not.
  3. I don't know how to play sodoku.
  4. I am hopeless romantic. I'll make another blog post for that.
  5. I love drinks like fruit shakes, frappes, milk teas and pearl shakes.
  6. I've never outgrown Hello Kitty. She's my favorite during my childhood and I am still obsessed with her.
  7. Pink is my favorite color.
  8. I can't sing and dance. I dance awkwardly and I sing out of tune.
  9. I used to play piano and flute and I used to dance ballet. I had to attend summer class when I was younger but they're not something I'm passionate about so I didn't pursue them.
  10. I want to be a writer.
  11. Shoe person. I love to wear shoes that sandals. Its more comfy and my feet are the most sensitive part of my body so when I wear sandals, I sometimes get bruised.
  12. Nurse = passion. I don't have any idea why I took up nursing back in college. Its not like my parents forced me or anything but when I was having my training as a registered nurse I began to realize that this is my thing. This is something that I love.
  13. Butterfly and stars are my favorite shapes/insect/heavenly object. Whatever you wanna call it, I love them!
  14. Obsessive Compulsive. Though not in the extreme level, but in a mild/tolerable way.
  15. Some of my friends call me Maui and the Chocolate Factory because I always bring chocolates to school.
  16. I do journal writing.
  17. I can drive a car but I am having a hard time parking my car.
  18. Katy Perry! I like her songs, her personality and herself.
  19. I used to wear contact lenses but I can't tolerate it. Its giving me a hard time putting it inside my eyes.
  20. I have natural curls though they're frizzy sometimes.
  21. I once dream of working in McDonald's. Yeah, I am that shallow. 
  22. I don't know how to count in Spanish terms. Uno, Dos, Tres... what's next?
  23. My lips will receive the best in dry lips award someday. So, I always have and had a collection of lip gloss.
  24. I write in small fonts so when I have to write in big sizes, I always have trouble.
Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts :)


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