Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bucket List: Own A Pet Dog and Name her/him Pepper and Cinnamon

I've always wanted to have my own puppy. Not just any puppy but a Shitzu. I've always thought of hugging her, tying her fur and walking her in the park. But I've always set aside that dream. Until one day.... taa-daa!! My big brother made that dream come true. He came home with a puppy. He's name is Pepper. I love him so much. He's a cutie!

Here's my little furball.

He is two months old and very very gullible... when he's in the mood. 
Watch Pepper in action

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bucket List: Learn to Bake Cookies, Muffins and Cake.

Last November 2012, I attended a baking and cooking class (for free - yay!). So, I basically learned how to bake properly. The important details. Tips and secret recipes. I've tried baking before (on my own) and half of what I did went wrong so yeah I really need this class.

Here are some of my (almost-perfect-but-yes-something-is-wrong) cakes and pastries.
Banana bread and Chocolate Cupcakes
What was wrong with this?
The banana bread is too moist and the chocolate cupcake is too hard haha
Blueberry Muffins
Chocolate Cake

Bubble Thought #7: Hello, again!

For the past months and year, I've been pre-occupied with so many things that I didn't get to blog and to be updated with my favorite bloggers. But now, my hiatus is finally over. 
Yes, I'm back!!

Posted this photo on Instagram with a caption "Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you."

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Passion for Cooking

Thanks to ABS-CBN Bayan Academy for giving me (and my batch mates) an opportunity to pursue our passion for cooking and baking for FREE!!! As a scholar. I can never thank them enough. I'm so blessed to have given such an opportunity.

My 16 days of culinary course had given me enough reasons to be happy. First,  I had a basic knowledge with cooking but they've given me more knowledge about it. I love to bake and when I attempt to do it alone; I wasn't successful but after my baking session at Bayan academy. I can make lots of cakes, cookies and muffins now. And much more, my friends and family enjoyed the free tastes.

Another reason was I had my new found friends. We are 32 in our batch and I came to a point to (atleast) talk to each of them. Some of them I got to really know and still in contact with them until now. We came upon a different age group but nevertheless we became friends at some point. I miss them already. And I'm thankful for the friendship they've given me. The laughter and the learnings they've shared with me will always be a treasure. Even kuya guard is nice enough to be our friend.

Lastly, it changed a great part of me. And I'm also surprised with myself. Inside Bayan Academy, I wasn't the shy and quiet girl everyone knew. I am more open with these people (they wouldn't even believe me that I'm a shy girl). They like my company, my smile, my face and my friendship. I open conversations with people who wanted to talk to me but intimidated to me at some point. I'm really happy for my changes and I owe it to them.

I love my culinary friends. I miss them and I'm looking forward to our next bonding.
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