Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Passion for Cooking

Thanks to ABS-CBN Bayan Academy for giving me (and my batch mates) an opportunity to pursue our passion for cooking and baking for FREE!!! As a scholar. I can never thank them enough. I'm so blessed to have given such an opportunity.

My 16 days of culinary course had given me enough reasons to be happy. First,  I had a basic knowledge with cooking but they've given me more knowledge about it. I love to bake and when I attempt to do it alone; I wasn't successful but after my baking session at Bayan academy. I can make lots of cakes, cookies and muffins now. And much more, my friends and family enjoyed the free tastes.

Another reason was I had my new found friends. We are 32 in our batch and I came to a point to (atleast) talk to each of them. Some of them I got to really know and still in contact with them until now. We came upon a different age group but nevertheless we became friends at some point. I miss them already. And I'm thankful for the friendship they've given me. The laughter and the learnings they've shared with me will always be a treasure. Even kuya guard is nice enough to be our friend.

Lastly, it changed a great part of me. And I'm also surprised with myself. Inside Bayan Academy, I wasn't the shy and quiet girl everyone knew. I am more open with these people (they wouldn't even believe me that I'm a shy girl). They like my company, my smile, my face and my friendship. I open conversations with people who wanted to talk to me but intimidated to me at some point. I'm really happy for my changes and I owe it to them.

I love my culinary friends. I miss them and I'm looking forward to our next bonding.


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