Friday, February 10, 2012

Helena's Promise

Helena's Promise
This K-drama was shown on ABS-CBN last year. I guess, It's never too late to blog about it. I was so busy that I didn't have the time to actually blog about it. 
Anyway, Helena's Promise or Scent of a Woman was about a woman named Helena Lee. She was given a bad prognosis and that she has only a short time left to live. She decided to quit her job, where she wasn't being treated well and was being abused by her boss, and to just live her life to the fullest. She decided to use her savings to pursue the things on her bucket list like learning tango and falling in love for the first time. Along the way, she met William Kang who helps her achieve the things she wanted to do before she die.
What makes this tickle my interest is because of her Bucket List. How she got a tick with every item off her list and get to celebrate her life. And how she met the man she's bound to fall in love with. :)
Here's the trailer:
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